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While diving into the vast pool of blogging, I began to ponder about what I would like this to represent. My goal is to record my life as a girl with the world at her fingertips. I want to look back and remember what had kept me persevering, yearning, and seeking. At a point in time when a plethora of opportunities would come ahead, jotting down my thoughts, posting my ambiguous emotions, and scribing my desires would be the only way to successfully fulfill this goal of mine. This, in a sense, is my time capsule-- filled with my quests, queries, and quandaries. To the future me (FM)....ENJOY. :)

    So I went to Mexico for the weekend…

    So I went to Mexico for the weekend…

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    At least it feels like it. I’m surrounded by cots, boxes with trash bags in them, exhaustion, sickness—PURE MISERY. Vomit on both ends appears to be the theme for the past 24 hours. It looks as if this were  movie and I was one the only survivors left; I guess I have fantastic antibodies or something…

    Our 4th day in Mexicali was the day it began. One of my team members decided to sit down during chapel because she wasn’t feeling well. I glance over at her and she’s sitting peacefully. A second later, I look back again and I see her hunched over a trashcan, dry-heaving. We take her to the First Aid center where I see a handful of people seemingly suffereing from the same thing. Hmm…I thought. Looks like they ate something bad or something of that sort. But then it started getting worse. More and more campers began pouring in. Vomit and diarrhea was flowing and abundant like the Amazon River. The port-a-pottys, or puke-n-pottys rather, were the second homes of the unfortunate campers. It was so incredibly revolting to the point that I couldn’t tell if the contents in these teal thresholds came from the attic or the basement, if you know what I mean. 

    Quick side-note: We haven’t showered in days. We are filthy. Raunchy. Sweaty. Smelly. If you can think of more adjectives that can adequately describe this situation, that would be splendid. 

    I came to Mexico with the expectation of serving children in an orphanage. Looks like God had other plans of service besides that one. He has kept me up and healthy for a reason. Lord help me to stay strong, calm, patient, and healthy. Muchas gracias.


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